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Food has always played a very important role in my life. Food is that special glue that holds a family event together, a special night out or making you feel at home. Cooking a good meal and inviting friends over is one of my favorite things. I love searching for a new recipe to really impress the people I know. I never really thought of myself as a ‘good cook’, but more of someone who enjoys cooking. I always need to look at a recipe and I have never been good at going off of flavors. This is something I am working on, as I want to better myself in the kitchen and have a clear understanding of the importance of certain ingredients for certain recipes. Not only do I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, but I truly love to go out and find amazing restaurants that offer a unique environment and delicious menu. There is just something so special about walking into a place you have never been before, ordering a little bit of everything off of the menu and enjoying it 150%. I love taking pictures on social media of meals that have really impressed me. Social media is my creative outlet, especially Instagram. I recently was found by Julianne Gabert, who is one of the founders of Girls on Food. She browsed my personal instagram feed and dropped me a comment. “If you ever want to blog for @girlsonfoodblog let me know” and just like that, a new adventure and new hobby started; Food blogging! I am thrilled to announce that I will be a contributor to the Girls on Food blog. I am going to try to explore Phoenix more (as well as other cities in my great state) and bring Girls on Food some Arizona love. If you have any recommendations or would like me to visit your favorite restaurant, try your favorite recipes or even join me on foodie date, let me know. I am completely excited and can’t wait to see what this new adventure will bring me. For more information on Girl on Food, be sure to like their facebook page and follow their instagram. Cheers!



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