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We are huge advocates in creating community in our state. There are so many talented creatives that we even decided to make an event designed specifically for creatives to promote growing a stable and healthy creative community! One of the things we want to start doing on our blog is sharing who we are currently loving and who is currently inspiring us. Between all the friends we have made in the wedding industry, the blogging community and social media, it is hard to pick just a few, so we figured why not start a series to share once a month who we currently think YOU, our readers, should check out! For our first friends to follow, we are showcasing a few of our very favorite humans that have become a lot more like family. We are all over the talent grid in Arizona starting off with a local button maker & chef, the friendliest (and funniest) husband & wife blogging duo, an Arizona based candle company, a tea empire that has only just begun and a floral & styling company for all you wedding and event junkies!

Brendan McCaskey of Jar of Buttons

Brendan describes himself as a button maker, tastemaker, baker, food stylist, and bearded man, but in reality he is so much more. This talented desert dweller can create custom pin orders and has worked with folks over at The Bookish Box. He has had his incredible food creations featured in cook books and magazines. You can catch him slinging buttons at local fairs like Phoenix Flea, or buy some of his pins at a local shop like France’s Vintage. If you like food, laughing and all things pop culture, this is someone that you should be following. You can find him at @jarofbuttons.

Robert & Christina of New Darlings

Robert & Christina moved to Arizona only a few years ago, but have quickly adapted and made Arizona their home. We met them a little over a year ago, and became fast friends. These two are continually inspiring us by believing in us, pushing us towards our goals and always laughing with us at the funniest (okay, maybe stupidest) jokes. They are authentic and have created a curated lifestyle blog that is inspiring others around the world. Their beautiful home and constant travels inspires us to keep our home looking sharp and our vacations always exciting. If you are looking for fashion, travel and home decor inspiration, these two are who you should be following. You can find them at @NewDarlings.

Samantha Thompson of Standard Wax

Samantha started Standard Wax with one of her best friends a few years ago. What started out a little idea, quickly has become something that is wonderful and meaningful and brightens everyone’s day with one thing; candles! What makes the candles that Standard Wax offers great are a few things. I will start with the scents, the reusable aspect of their containers and the passion for this company behind the owner, but truthfully that list can go on. Standard Wax has gone from selling candles, to now developing and selling their own seasonal scented candles, room sprays and even reed diffusers (which, are coming soon and you can bet money that we will be getting a few for our home). If you’re looking for a local company with purpose who believes in their products and their mission statement, you should be following along. You can find her work at @standardwax.

Allison DeVane of Teaspressa

Allison started her company, Teaspressa, after over 8 years in the coffee industry. After doing some researching (and getting too many headaches from coffee) she decided to switch to tea! Allison found that tea was a healthy alternative and that some blends had just as much caffeine as coffee without the headache aftermath because tea is hydrating. Allison is one of those people who you immediately want to be friends with because her drive and passion is SO prominent in her life. Allison has been featured in Vogue, she is part of the Tory Burch fellowship and was on Shark Tank. Allison is someone that isn’t slowly down anytime soon, which is why she is the perfect Arizonan to follow. You can find her work at @teaspressa.

Malori Maeva of Noir Floral & Styling, and Hoot & Holler

When we first met Malori a few years ago, we were immediately captivated by her personality and infectious laugh. This is someone who does not give up. Malori started her company, Hoot & Holler, a few years ago to fulfill a much needed creative void in her life. We actually realized how much we really liked Malori from when we did a past feature on her. We were jut getting started and wanted to feature some talented wedding & event vendors on our blog. She has taken the name florist,and created a beautiful and easily recognizable aesthetic for her work. With hundreds of weddings in her portfolio and constant ideas running through her mind, she recently launched a new company, Noir Floral & Styling. Noir is for the bride who is looking for the complete package. Her packages are extremely affordable for what you’re getting, and we would highly recommend anyone looking for a florist to create something magical to reach out to Malori immediately. If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, event design, and someone who will keep it real, this is someone you should absolutely be following. You can find her at @noirfloral.




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