Custom Built Mid Century Style Credenza

I am excited to showcase a new piece I was able to create for one of our close friends and customers, Bekah and Ian Odgear. Leah and I are both currently very into mid-century modern design as a whole and it has given us a chance to broaden the range of style furniture we offer, as well as the style of furniture I can challenge myself to create. Bekah and Ian moved to Portland in early June, and wanted a new credenza for their new place in Portland, Oregon. I was honored they hired me!

The idea behind the design was to keep a clean modern shape with some rustic touches. The rustic touches can be seen in the color and finish of the shelving and sliding doors. We wanted to continue that blend of modern-rustic feel with the legs that have a modern shape.


I first built the main body of the credenza. Once the body was built and sanded, I used a white semi-gloss primer for the interior body as well as most of the interior. I decided to use a dark maple wood stain for the inner shelves, the legs as well as the doors. After coating all of the surfaces with primer and stain, I did another light sanding to smooth out any rough areas for that indoor finish. Once everything was sanded, we painted all of the surfaces that we primed, with a semi-gloss white paint. The final step to my process for this piece was attaching our mid-century modern legs and installing our custom sliding doors.

Overall it was a great experience to be able to create our first mid-century modern style piece and we hope that our friends love it just as much as we do! The entire process was really fun for me and I cannot wait to create something new and unique for another wonderful home.




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  • Bekah
    July 20, 2015

    Matt and Leah, we absolutely LOVE our credenza! Out of the handful of people who have visited, it is the first thing they comment on upon entering our home. We could not be more pleased with the amazing design which acts as the perfect anchor and focal point to our space. We also rely heavily on the functionality of this piece; in a city apartment it is great for tucking away games, records and anything that can make our small space look too cluttered.

    Thank you for walking us through the process of custom furniture and helping us to not break our bank account along the way! Quality can be affordable and we WILL be commissioning more pieces from Tremaine Ranch! 🙂

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