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Last night, Matt and I went to a cooking class at Classic Cooking Academy in Scottsdale. We received a groupon as a gift for Christmas from my parents, and finally were able to use it. They had been booked up since the new year. We called ahead to make our reservations and they told us what the menu would be for that evening. Mini baked brie and pear in Phyllo dough, Caesar salad, flank steak au poivre with green bean bundles and roasted potatoes, and last but certainly not least, creme brulee.

Matts Shirt: Cotton On, Matt’s Jeans: Levi’sLeah’s Dress & Shoes: Target, Leah’s Purse: Forever 21

We were so excited! When we arrived, we checked in and were asked if we would like a beverage. They had local wines and beer; how could we so no. So, we both settled on a glass of Merlot. Once everyone arrived, Chef Joe Cambria began going over basic rules as well as our menu and the process for each item.

There were about 26 people in attendance, and it was a collaborative cooking class. Meaning, we all worked together to cook and prepare the items that we would all eat. Chef Joe Cambria went over each station and the proper way to cut, dice, season and cook each item.As we began working on each menu item, Chef Joe and his assistants/staff walked around to make sure everything was being done properly. It was an absolute blast! I want a huge kitchen like that one day so we can host all sorts of dinner parties! Once everything was done, a few of us stayed behind to learn how to properly dish up the plates and served the class. We sat down, enjoyed another glass of wine with our freshly prepared meal and couldn’t believe how delicious everything turned out.

Classic Cooking Academy offers loads of different classes that we hope to sign up for soon. We are most excited about preparing this meal in the future. We were able to take the menu with the recipes to home and we will most definitely be preparing this meal for our friends in the future very soon. Anyone want an invite?

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