The Ivy Event

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Last year, we planned a really fun event called Gather AZ! It was essentially a big party for wedding & creative vendors in our great state of Arizona. The original event was scheduled for October of 2015, but needed to reschedule due to a storm in Arizona. Of course, the one night we plan to throw a large outdoor event, it storms and floods the streets. We ended up needing to push our event out about six months, moving it from Fall of 2015 to Spring of 2016. In March, we through our Gather AZ event and I don’t think it could have been more fun!! We had food trucks, a bar truck, dancing, a raffle, desserts and so much more! We thought that putting an event to help promote community over competition was really important, and we wanted a chance to meet our internet & social media friends face to face. There are a ton of different creative and talented people out there who have so much to offer and what a better way to put individuals together than by having a fun event. The event went perfectly and we can not thank all of the vendors enough for all of the time and effort that was put into the event to make such an awesome night.

With all the reflection of the last event, we decided we would like to throw another event. We had such positive feedback from our first event that we felt like it was necessary. We have decided to completely re-brand the event and hope that in the future, we will be able to travel with this amazing concept.

We are thrilled to announce, The Ivy Event! As Ivy vine grows, it sets roots into the soil deeply and densely, and creates a network of roots which binds the soil, helping to prevent erosion and slippage on slopes. Ivy has the ability to climb almost any vertical surface, clinging by means of aerial roots. Once established Ivy plants will rapidly cover any wall or fence with lush evergreen foliage. The Ivy Event is excited to promote growing a stable and healthy creative community that is lush and grows rapidly when surrounded with like minded individuals who are interested in building a community, establishing new relationships and supporting local business. The Ivy Event is ready to create a network of roots within the creative industry.  The next event will be on October 20th, 2016 at The Vintage 45 in downtown Phoenix. Tickets will be going on sale soon, but for now, please take a peak and reflect on the last event with video from Erica Marr Films and photographs from Danielle Apple Photography. Cheers!

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Gatherevent-12 Gatherevent-11 Gatherevent-9 Gatherevent-42 Gatherevent-43 Gatherevent-44 Gatherevent-50 Gatherevent-55 Gatherevent-59 Gatherevent-62 Gatherevent-67 Gatherevent-75 Gatherevent-110 Gatherevent-108 Gatherevent-103 Gatherevent-99 Gatherevent-95 Gatherevent-88 Gatherevent-84 Gatherevent-82 Gatherevent-79 Gatherevent Gatherevent-167 Gatherevent-138 Gatherevent-125 Gatherevent-121 Gatherevent-119 Gatherevent-115 Gatherevent-113 Gatherevent-111

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped bring our FIRST EVER event to life!

Photography: Danielle Apple Photography

Videography: Erica Marr Films

Food Truck: Frites Street

Bar Truck: The Duke

Photobooth Bus: The Foto Booth Bus

Macarons: Sift Bakehouse

Sugar Cookies: The Baked Equation

Florals: The Petal Theory

Dj/Mc: Ellagant Entertainment

Furniture, Planning & Decor: Tremaine Ranch

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  • Tracy
    August 22, 2016

    I love it! I cannot wait for another amazing night!

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