Greece | 2014

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Matt and I have always dreamed of going to Greece. When we were in the process of planning our honeymoon last year, we knew there was no other option. So, Greece it was! We hopped on a plane early the morning after our special day and headed to our dream destination. We flew into Athens and spent our first night there.We took a guided bus tour, explored the shops and of course, we visited the Parthenon. We couldn’t believe the size of that thing. Not to mention, the amount of tourists there. I am so glad we decided to spend our first day exploring Athens. It was totally worth it! We stayed at the Hera Boutique Hotel. It has beautiful views of the Parthenon.We wanted to take as much in as we could since we were only in Athens for two nights. On our second night in Athens, we ate at the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant located at our hotel. Delicious food and beautiful views.  On our second day in Greece, we took our Aegean Airline flight over to the island of Santorini. It was only about a 40 minute flight, with beautiful views of the ocean.  Once we landed, we took a taxi over to our hotel. We booked our entire stay at Rena’s Rooms & Suites.  Christina, the manager on staff, and I had emailed back and forth briefly about the room before we arrived. She greeted us and made sure during our entire stay that we were comfortable and having the best time. She recommended many different places to eat and explore. We loved our stay! Christina and the other staff were all extremely hospitable. We enjoyed a couple of days just laying by the pool, reading, eating poolside meals and making friends with the other guests who were staying at the hotel.

We had the best time exploring the island of Santorini. We rented a car, ate way too much gelato & food, hiked all over and explored the island on our time. We actually took a boat over to the volcano and the hot springs.  I have always wanted to go to a volcano and swim in hot springs, so we figured if there was a time do this, it was now. I will be honest – the time of the year that we went, the water wasn’t so warm. But, we bit the bullet and decided to go for it. We jumped right off the side of the boat and swam through the ocean over to the hot springs. We were freezing and someone literally was drowning (don’t worry, they were okay), but we are so glad that we went for it. It is a great memory. We rented a car one day and drove it over to the lighthouse. On our way to the lighthouse, we made a pit stop at Santo Wines. We ordered a sampler; it was delicious!  At one point, we rented and drove a quad over to Oia. We found a fence with a bunch of love locks and decided this was the best spot to lock ours. I had bought a love lock from Red Envelope with engraving on it and gave it to Matt as a wedding gift. It was such a sweet moment to have. We ended up having dinner right on the cliff, enjoying some delicious wine from Santo Wines and a perfect meal. It is a moment I will never forget.

Honestly, Greece was so beautiful and we had the absolute best time. One day, we both would love to return. Everything we planned and everything we booked was beautiful and perfect. We flew back to Athens and spent our last night in one of the nicest hotels we have ever stayed at; The Hotel Grande Bretagne. Seriously, it was absolutely stunning. We can’t believe that we were able to afford and treat ourselves to a beautiful honeymoon that neither of us will ever forget. Where do you dream of going?

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