Spoonful Magazine Dinner

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We have met some seriously incredible human beings the past few years. The best part about the state we call home is the people. Constance Higley was someone that we admired very much, and we really wanted a chance to work with her. Little did we know that our first project would lead to many more, as well as too many laughs and hang outs to count. We are insanely lucky to have the people we do in our life who constantly push us to be better, inspire us to want more and support us so that we can make our dreams a reality. Constance was looking for a setting for an outdoor dinner party shoot she had scheduled, and asked if we would at all be interested. If you’ve read any of our past posts, you know we have a hard time saying no. So, when someone that we admired for quite some time, decides to ask US to help, of COURSE we had to say yes! And boy, are we so happy that we did. This dinner holds a very near and dear place in our hearts because it was the night that we met some of our now best friends. We love hosting & helping with dinner parties and truly believe that setting a table for friends to break bread with, is one of the best gifts you could give to those who mean something to you. Take a peek at this beautiful dinner cooked up by Brendan McCaskey and shot by Constance Higley at our private property (the original Tremaine Ranch).

If you’re interested in following Constance and her work, you can do so here.


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