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Next up on our vendor profile are the two girls that have brought Bloom & Blueprint to life! As their name suggests, they are a two part company! Bloom + BluePrint [B+B], is a true planning + design house. ‘Bloom’ represents everything artistic, and includes our in house floral studio! Their creative team focuses on your beautiful blooms, your customized details, and your decor. ‘Blueprint’ handles the logistics, the budgets, and the flow. From excel spreadsheets to perfectly executed timelines our logistical team handles the specifics with poise and pizzazz. Just like their two part company, this company has two owners who work side by side to ensure your event, along with all those details, is truly more than just a celebration.

We will be bringing you a two part vendor profile for these talented ladies over at Bloom & Blueprint. First up, we have Kate Mellow. Kate is a desert native, happily married to her Nater Tot and two pups. Kate graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2011 and professionally entered the event industry in early 2013 under the former name, Golden Kate Styling. After securing dozens of events under her belt, her so called “hobby” transitioned into a full service event company. VOILA – Bloom + Blueprint Event Company was born! Kate takes lead design in the company’s florals, decor, unique + customized accents, the paperie goods, and the overall aesthetic of the event. She is a details diva, and no two B+B events will look alike. Kate leads the design to achieve an event that is a true reflection of the client. Kate has long been a lover of weddings, happily ever afters, and special events. She is a lifetime creative and crafter, dreaming and scheming larger than life details for B&B’s clientele. With an eye for beauty and a heart of gold, Kate drives this company with an unstoppable energy, leaving no detail behind. Kate is a coffee lover, Disney freak, Kate Spade enthusiast, and a vegetarian.

We wanted to get to know more about Kate and her passions, so we asked her a few questions:
  • What pushed you to start your own business?
I never intended to have my own business but I think what pushed me the most was the ability to operate how I feel is best. I love treating my clients as friends and always telling them yes! I think working for myself has allowed me to create genuine relationships and genuine events. I love running a business with a strong partner like Erika. She is so sharp, smart and wonderful and I learn from her everyday.
  • What would you say is your design style?
I am Disney fairytale meets Z Gallerie, with a little bit of Anthropologie and a lot of desert love. I will always appreciate traditional bridal beauty but with elements that are slightly alternative and funky 🙂
  • Describe your favorite moment as business owners and something that was a ‘step in the right direction’?
Someone once told us: “You were the smallest part of my wedding budget, but you made the biggest impact on my day,” I feel like we really nailed down who we were and what we did in that moment as a company. We are attainable to all brides and we always will be, having a client recognize our worth and describe us in that way was just wow :)!
  • What recommendations would you give someone who wants to make the most out of their budget?
Focus on the things that people will remember. They will likely forget if you had large floral arrangements on your table. Focus on the details that make your guests feel welcomed; that you prepared for their presence and their role in your wedding. Most of the time these are small personalization projects that a bride can do herself.  Use your decor budget to help personalize your wedding and save on some of the costly items — florals!
  • Do you offer specific packages or is everything specialized based on what your client needs?
We have packages and all of our pricing is online…florals included! We are a true planning + design company. We provide floral styling to our planning + design clients 🙂 We try to be a full service approach to event planning, with an emphasis on design, and in house florals. We do create custom packages for client needs when that arises — We are very flexible!
  • What does being creative mean to you?
Being creative to me means truly allowing myself to let my light shine. For many years I tried to go down a career path that was less me, but more title. Living a creative life means that I was finally able to tether my daily life to my heart. I just genuinely love to create beautiful things for beautiful people. I love all of my clients like family, and I love that they trust me to be their creator.
  • If you could work anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Here (my husband would say London!) — I am an Arizona native and I love this place. I welcome any and all travel opportunities and would love to explore + create anywhere in the world; but I would always want a home base in this beautiful desert of ours.
  • Who or what inspires you?
My grandparents. I really do think they are magic, and their 52 year love story defined who and what I am. I love their old stories yet their modern outlook on the world. They are just the perfect people to me. I am a Disney freak and that wonderful world will always inspire me to believe in fairytales and true love — my husband inspires me and reminds me that prince charming is real and I found him! I find inspiration in really everything I look at, I love to appreciate the time, the process, the love, and the hope that went into everything we see and touch. When we see it and appreciate it, we are seeing and appreciating someones idea and someones dream come true. Everything has a source and a story and I love thinking about things that way.
  • Do you provide other decor elements with your floral design?
Yes we have a large inventory of decor we often design with. We also build custom backdrops, arbors, or really anything we can dream up. Our design process focuses on a mood board, a design blueprint, and 3-5 customized ideas that we feel would be neat to add to your event. Often times these custom ideas have nothing to do with florals — they could be a custom favor idea, a custom built Photo Booth backdrop, or even ideas for bridesmaid gifts.
  • What advice would you give to someone who may want to start a career in the same field?
I think of this career as more of a lifestyle. It’s all consuming in a wonderful way. We operate our business like a friendship. Every client is a friend and a partner. We will do any and everything for our friends. My advice is to be kind, do good work, and let the world be beautiful to you. Be prepared to be very very tired but very very happy. 🙂

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