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Florists are some of the most creative individuals I have know. The way they create such beautiful art is truly inspiring. On our Vendor Profile today, we chose to ask Malori Maeva, owner of Hoot & Holler, a few questions. We’ve met Malori a few times at The Phoenix Flea market, and we can’t say this enough, she is an absolute pleasure to chat with. Get to know her more by reading the rest of this blog post:
How long have you been in business? Hoot & Holler officially became a company in September of 2013. I quit my day job to run the company full time in May of 2014 so we’ve been running full steam ahead for about a year now.
Did you receive your training or self taught? I am mostly self taught but have received a bit of training form various workshops, books, youtube videos, and any other kind of class I could get my hands on. When I first started, I was doing work for a restaurant company that handled their flowers in house. There, I was briefly trained by someone who was not a florist (who was trained by another individual that is not a florist) but it was a great place to start!
What design styles do you work in? Our style definitely leans more modern and wild than traditional. We love really full arrangements that look like the could have been picked up in nature.

Do you have any recommendations for those who want to make the best out of their budget? Pinterest is a great starting point for ideas but keep in mind that most of the arrangements you see online include the gorgeous, pricey flowers that everyone loves such as peonies, ranunculus, anemone, etc. A great way to stretch your budget is by re-purposing pieces (use bouquets as centerpieces, arch decor as table decor after the ceremony, etc.). It also helps to keep an open mind to suggestions from your florist. If you need budget-friendly blooms just ask! We can almost always recommend an alternative.
Do you offer specific packages or is everything customized? Everything we create is customized for our clients. Whether it’s a wedding or you’re simply sending a delivery to a friend for her birthday, we always strive to create something new and unique.
What is your favorite type of flower to work with? This definitely changes with the season but right now I’m obsessed with Bearded Iris. Other favorite ingredients are thistle, scabiosa, ranunculus, anemone, blackberries, veronica, and peonies.

Do you provide other decor elements with your floral design? We do! We have a pretty substantial rental inventory full of incredibly unique vases that I’m confident you won’t find many other places. We also provide candles, custom built arches (both metal and wood), and table numbers. Honestly, we’re always looking to make dreams come true so we’re totally open to client suggestions and ideas for other pieces they might want on their wedding day. We are not strictly floral.
Do you have a favorite design that you’ve created? If so, what type of florals were used? There are two projects that really stand out in my mind when I think of a favorite. One was a flower murder scene that was built using heart roses, mums, and a mix of dark foliage. The final product was incredibly beautiful and still one of the most unique pieces we’ve ever done. The second project that comes to mind was from our first major wedding. My team and I strung over 700 carnations from a HUGE metal arch as the backdrop for the ceremony. It was really stunning and I’m so proud that we were able to bring the idea to life.

What is your perfect pizza? My perfect pizza is the Capricciosa from Cibo. It’s got artichoke hearts, prosciutto, olives, mushrooms, and mozzarella and it is divine. I’m drooling just typing the description.

What cheers you up? When I’m having a rough day I like to unplug from social media and either binge-watch a trashy TV show on Netflix or go grab a treat for myself (ice cream, a good coffee drink, fancy chocolate, a waffle from Chocolade Van Brugge, etc.) and read a good book in bed while I eat it. I’m a big introvert so typically being cheered up just means some alone time to recharge 🙂
If you’re interested in contacting Malori, feel free to reach out to her here. You will not regret it!

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