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When we decided to start this blog, we also decided it was time for us to get to know other Arizona vendors (and beyond Arizona, too). We think vendor profiles are a great for us to get to know some of our favorite vendors while still posting things that inspire us.

For our first vendor profile, we would like to introduce you to Karlee is the owner of Karlee K. Photography and is based out of Gilbert, Arizona.  We love her style and couldn’t wait to do a profile on her in our blog.  She is also a huge Disney fan, which holds a special place in our hearts as we are also Disney fans.

How long have you been in the Photography industry? I have been in the photography industry for around 4 years.
Do you prefer to shoot events/weddings by yourself or with an assistant/back up photographer? I never shoot any weddings by myself, because that’s absolutely terrifying! I need the second set of hands, eyes, and equipment so I am sure to never miss a moment. I also like the company 🙂

How would you describe your style? My style is clean, bright, and joyful. I try to emulate the excitement and careful planning of every detail in my photos. I live by my candid shots, where the groom may be whispering into the bride’s ear and she is laughing, or the couple is cracking up in the ceremony because of the loud cat fight next door (yes that happened!). I want my couple’s to not only receive editorial style shots, but ones that make them smile and think, “Oh I will never forget that moment!”

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers? I think what distinguishes my work from others is the experience my couples receive throughout the entire wedding process, not just the day of the wedding. I love getting to know my brides and sharing in their excitement on their big day so I walk into the getting ready room as a friend, and not just a vendor. I want them to not only know they are being taken care of, but they are loved. I really do love all my couples because I consider them my friends, and more times than not my brides are just like me!


What inspires you? The fact that I get to share in my couple’s most intimate moments is so inspiring to me, and the reason I look forward to every wedding. I get to be there when a a groom see’s his future wife walking toward him for their first look and he puts his hand over his mouth. When a mother zips up her daughter’s dress and turns her around and it literally takes her breath away. I’m there when the best man is straitening the groom’s tie, and when the bride’s sister is pinning in her veil. When the bride hooks her arm in her dad’s, and he looks at her with tears in his eyes, remembering when she would climb into their bed in her pj’s when she was five. Best of all, I’m there when the bride and groom are sharing their first dance, and their parents stand and watch while holding their spouse’s hand, remembering when it was their wedding that seemed like it was yesterday. And I cry every time.

Where has been your favorite location for photographing an event or wedding? My favorite location I’ve photographed a wedding at was The Disneyland Hotel for a Disney Fairytale Wedding. I mean, who wouldn’t love to shoot a Disneyland wedding?! We were able to shoot bridals in the exclusive Fairytale Suite, and we recreated scenes from Sleeping Beauty. It literally felt like a dream, and I am the biggest Disney freak in the world, well, besides that bride 😉

If you could travel anywhere for work, where would you go? If I could travel anywhere for work, I would want to go to Italy and bring my husband. We have both never been, and I have heard from so many friends that it is a blast and so romantic. And of course shooting a wedding in Italy would be unreal!

Favorite memory you have from working as a photographer: My favorite memory from working as a photographer was when I was shooting a wedding at the same venue where I got married. The entire day brought back memories of when I was experiencing the happiest day of my life, and that was something I will never forget.


Would you rather have Myspace make a come back or Livejournal? Am I allowed to say neither? If anything is making a comeback, it needs to be Fazoli’s. Drive-through Italian food? Enough said.

Who would play you in the movie of your life and why? In a movie of my life, I think Taylor Swift would have to play me, because she’s secretly dorky and isn’t afraid to dance like no one’s watching. And because I’ve been a Swiftie since 2007.


For more details on Karlee and what she is all about, be sure to check out her website or Facebook page to learn more.

All images above are by Karlee K. Photography 


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